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Dead Sea Face

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dead sea face

Dead Sea Spa

Dead Sea spa is free from harmful impurities such as dust, smoke and chemicals and is the best option for rejuvenating the skin. The Dead Sea spa houses a variety of products according to different skin types. It caters to people of all age groups.


1. Dead Sea Spa Cleansing Milk: It clears the skin from harmful substances such as dirt and filth. It has a mineral-base to nourish the skin and relieve it from chronic facial problems. Individuals using this product need to apply it twice a day in the morning and evening time to see better results. It is not oily and as such, it moisturizes and softens the skin naturally. Manufactured in Israel, this product comes in an eight-ounce bottle.

2. Dead Sea Spa Pumice Stone: Use the stone daily with few drops of shower gel while having bath. The pumice stone works wonders as it rejuvenates the calloused and worn skin. Users need to use this product to scrub dry skin that is usually at the bottom of the feet. People need to use pumice stone with either Pedicure Sugar Scrub or Scrub Gel or Scrub Cream so their feet become smooth and soft.


Restores Mineral Level:

Since the Dead Sea is mineral-rich, people looking forward to giving their skin a special treat need to consider doing so at the Dead Sea spa. Scientists note minerals play an important role in skin metabolism. As a person ages, the mineral level in the skin gets exhausted, due to which the body is no more capable of producing it on its own. Dead Sea spa acts as a perfect substitute in restoring mineral levels of skin. They supply essential minerals to skin and strengthen the cell membranes from environmental hazards and dehydration.

Provides Skin Relief:

Dead Sea spa offers solace to beauty seekers and those with chronic skin disorders. Its multipurpose products relieve a person from skin problems such as psoriasis, acne, black spots and blemishes. Products at the Dead Sea spa include natural ingredients and minerals, which soothe and nourish the skin from within.

Addresses All Skin Types:

Dead Sea spa products address skin of all types be it rash, itchy, dry or oily skin. They work deep into the skin to relieve a person from skin disorders. Dead Sea spa products come in a variety of styles. Users of Dead Sea spa products benefit from their use largely as they witness visible differences in just a few days.
Dead Sea Salt Soap:

Dead Sea salt soap is an ideal solution for dry skin and itching problems. Often, people encounter, severe itchy problem on skin and difficulty in finding effective soaps or lotions to get rid of such skin problems. With Dead Sea salt soap, such people do not have to worry for skin dryness and itchiness.

Dead Sea salt soap is available at various skin care stores in the market. They are mostly made of palm oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and of course Dead Sea salt along with some skin-enriching minerals. Certainly, Dead Sea salt soap has an incredible ability to moisturize the skin, rather than just drying it out. In addition, Dead Sea salt soap is so solid and condensed that alleviates all skin problems.


People who have sensitive and dry skin may use Dead Sea salt soaps while bathing or showering and definitely, they will feel the effectiveness of this soap by witnessing a skin free from itchiness, dryness and stiffness.

This salt soap is very good for problems such as spots on face and body, diaper rash, bumps, rashes, bug bites and eczema.

All Dead Sea salt soaps are hand trimmed, hand poured, hand polished and hand packed without adding any fragrance to make them attractive. The Dead Sea salt soaps do not lather highly, and wash and rinse easily. This salt soap is not oily and greasy. It only heals and soothes a person’s skin with its beneficial minerals, natural oils and of course salt.

Dead Sea salt soap is very popular among many people across the globe. Even many skin care specialists suggest this soap for face, body and hair washing purposes. Just alike several other Dead Sea products, this salt soap is also rich in several minerals, especially Zinc.

People with itching and dry skin problems or some skin diseases need to try these unique Dead Sea salt soaps to get rid of their skin problems. Usually, these soaps do not contain fat elements or animal oils, but as an alternative to these, they contain natural plant components and extracts to make them safe for regular use.

Dead Sea salt soap is an eco-friendly consumer product and gently removes dead cells present on the surface of skin. When used properly and regularly, it restores the natural skin balance providing a healthy glow with a fresh and dirt free skin appearance.

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The New Dead Sea Facial Mask

Dead Sea Face Wash

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dead sea face wash
sea salt oil mix to clean ear rook piercing?

i got my rook pierced yesterday and the piercer said take 1/4 tsp sea salt to a cup of water and soak.. but i don’t want to buy a whole bag of seasalt that i’ll never use again.. at least with the spectro gel i can use the rest to wash my face!
i have something at home.. it’s dead sea salt in a mixture with natural sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and vitamin E … all things that are good for your skin anyway, and none of them are harsh. would it be okay if i took some salt from there, rubbed it around in a tissue to absorb away the oil, then dissolved the remaining salt in water? to use to soak my ear in…
please let me know, only if you know what you’re talking about!

You can use regular table salt instead of the sea salt. It would be better. The oils can cause an infection, oils can clean dirt away or hold it in place and protect an infection from treatment. I would suggest warm water and table salt, fallowed by clear vinegar any left over you can use in cooking. Some divers use clear vinegar and alcohol to clean their ears after diving mixed together: this would be much better than your oil salts; you are treating an open wound girl friend not your skin. Treat it as an open wound!

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