Dead Sea Facial Peel

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Anyone used chemical facial peels?

You know those little beauty shops in the center aisle of malls, where the people try so hard to sell you something and they use the product on you right there to show you how it works? Theres a place like that called Deja Vu dead sea mineral beauty products. A guy showed me a facial peel that retails for 80 and was going to give it to me for 50. He showed me on my arm how much dead skin it takes off, and he said it would be good for my acne. Has anyone used this and does it work? Im still a little skeptical seeing as how ill be shelling out alot of money for it. Do facial peels really work, and if so what products? Or if youve tried this facial peel product, input is greatly appreciated!

Don’t get it; it’s a rip-off. That dead skin that you see is actually the lotion solidifying. You should try that product on a non-living surface like a mirror. Plus, you can get dermatologist-proven products for a lot cheaper.

Sensation Spa Dead Sea Facial Peel

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