Dead Sea Eye Cream

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dead sea eye cream
im 15 is this a bad way to live my life my friends say its unhealthy and will hurt me very bad?

morning: wake up weigh myself bleach my teeth for 45 minuites plan out my meals wash facae with 6 difrent washes take shower curl hair do make up get dressed NIGHT: take a shower throw up any unnessasary food wash face with 10 dirent washes rinse with dead sea salt then take a bubble bath bleach teeth for 1 hour deep condition hair while i moisterize my body and night cream under eyes and jaw then deep condition eyelashes??????? is this unhealthy for my age????? or not

All of this is utterly bizarre and totally unnecessary and will kill you by the time you are 20.

Facial Treatment Set-Dead Sea Moisturizer, Eye Cream,Night Cream

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